Website Maintenance

A factor that can maintain and increase the number of new visitors to your website.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is nothing but the process of regularly updating information, fixing problems, repairing broken links etc., on your website, so that it doesn’t look outdated with the same old information or cause annoyance to visitors with broken links etc.

The need

Website maintenance helps you keep your website refreshing and attractive. It involves updating your website with your changing goals or ambitions, announcements, tips, news, offers etc., related to your profession. It is obvious that a person may visit your website regularly, if it is frequently updated with the latest industry tips, news, offers etc. On the contrary, if a website is not updated for several weeks, months or years, a person after visiting few times will stop coming back as he knows that the website will have the same old data. Imagine how it would be, if you don’t clean up your house for a week or a month, or even a year. You won’t have any visitors to your house. Feels horrible, isn’t it?! The same can happen to your website, if you don’t maintain it. Some of the advantages of website maintenance can be listed as below:

Maintains existing visitors
Increases the number of new visitors
Enhances website ranking in search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo etc
Keeps your customers updated with the latest happenings related to your profession
Increases your website reputation and brand value

Professionals do it better

The best way of having website maintenance is hiring professional experts. While some updated their website themselves with their office staff, this can be quite cumbersome and dangerous. Here are some of the things Website Maintenance involves:

Product changes and additions
Updating to your calendar
Home page changes
Forums and news groups
Employee changes
Company news updates
Changing content  
Updating contact information
Posting of new announcements, news and offers
Adding or deleting web pages
Adding or deleting images and other downloadable files
Adding or maintaining links
Site “Makeovers”

So these are only a few to mention. There is always a chance of your website getting exposed to hackers and spammers while it is being updated by an incompetent/non-technical person. Images, web pages or other important files may get deleted. Links can be broken or lost. These are some of the aspects that a trained technical professional can efficiently take care of. They can also use programming tricks like, optimizing images on web pages that can help in loading your website quickly even on slow connections and make them easily downloadable.

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